Scott McCaghren


Registered Financial Consultant®, National Social Security Advisor™ 

Scott McCaghren has over fifteen years of experience in the financial sector ranging from financial planning, asset management, Social Security optimization and insurance planning. 

Scott holds multiple licenses and conducts business as a Registered Financial Consultant and Investment Advisor Representative. Scott and his team are responsible for managing multiple portfolio styles and strategies for a substantial amount of assets. He is not only a skilled and experienced investor but also spent much of his time teaching others how to succeed in the financial markets through educational events. He also utilizes licenses in insurance and Social Security to help retirees complete a comprehensive retirement plan to see them to and through a successful life-long retirement. 

As President of Safe Harbor Fiduciary and Safe Harbor Tax Advisory, Scott has a unique and keen vision on continuing to expand the businesses. He believes that offering a full range of services under one management team gives our clients easier access to needed services, more confidence in privacy, and better ease of process. Retirement is a time of well-earned relaxation and enjoyment. Having a fully licensed and accredited advisor working on your behalf allows you to breathe easy through retirement.